How does more traditional lighting compare to today's Green Lighting options?
See JACOMB's lighting comparison charts to learn how LED compares to other types of lighting. JACOMB sells all types of lighting, but this grid will show you why LED is most often your smartest choice.

How much energy can I save by upgrading to green lighting or a wireless controls system?
Lighting makes up 30% – 40% of your energy bill. Transitioning to LED and/or lighting controls can save you 70% on your lighting costs with project paybacks of 3 years or less in most cases.

Why are Wireless Controls System so cost effective?
With the Encelium 6 Strategy controls system, JACOMB can help you to significantly decrease your energy bill with smart time scheduling, daylight harvesting, task tuning, occupancy control, personal control and variable load shedding. Learn more...

I've heard that retrofitting my building with green lighting will actually save me money. How does that work?
With the Encelium 6 Strategy controls system, JACOMB works to design lighting upgrade projects with less than 3-year paybacks. In addition, JACOMB's financing options can allow you to pay your monthly financing costs with the energy savings you realize by transitioning to green lighting if your project qualifies.

I've heard that LED lamps and fixtures are more costly than traditional options. If so, why would I want to purchase them?
The overall cost of a building with LED lighting vs. traditional lighting is far lower because of the immense energy savings, maintenance savings and incentives available to help pay for the project. LED has extremely longer run life, saving you replacement hard costs and labor costs to replace burned out lamps.


How will switching to LED lighting make my employees feel in their work environment?
In our experience, employees who work in an area with new lighting are at first skeptical and worried about the "change" in light levels. Within a few weeks, the overwhelming majority are delighted with the new light levels because they can read without squinting, their moods improve and headaches caused by bad lighting disappear.

What kind of financing options are available for lighting upgrade projects?
JACOMB Lighting can help you secure financing where your monthly costs are the same or less as the energy savings you receive from your new lighting project! Talk to your JACOMB representative to see if your project qualifies for a financing program that allows you to transition to LED with no out of pocket expense.

What Lighting Design Services do you offer?
JACOMB specializes in interior and exterior lighting design services. For further information contact your JACOMB representative.

What are the benefits of having an EV Charging Station in my parking lot?
Differentiate your business from the competition in the minds of customers and employees, drive new traffic to your location from high income electric car owning community, have your business "discovered" on the EV Charging App, and increase "Dwell Time" at your business as electric cars charge in your parking lot. Learn More

What incentives exist for owning an EV Charging Station?
Each state has it's own tax incentives and rebates available for installing EV Charging Stations at your business. Ask your JACOMB representative that your business can qualify for. Contact Us

How do people locate EV Charging station locations?
With simple apps like PlugShare, Electric Car owners can map out driving routes and most convenient EV Charging station locations. Get discovered by Electric Car owners searching for a place to stop and shop, like yours!